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MASQKit is a native, extensible themeing framework for iOS music players! This package provides some beloved features found throughout the jailbreak ages, with more coming soon! It's free to use by anyone on any device from iOS 11 onwards.

A cycle of some MASQKit themes.


  • Artwork: Some edge case in-apps on iOS 12 arm64e.
  • 1.0.4-1: Settings: Hotfixes an issue with background pref picker below iOS 13.
  • 1.0.4 Changelog:
  • Settings: New preview of how chosen theme look on either background style.
  • Settings: Fixed layout inconsistencies for languages that display right-to-left.
  • Settings: Fixed an issue on iOS 11 that ignored preference changes.
  • Artwork: Fixed an issue causing some themes to be momentarily visible without music playing.
  • Artwork: Fixed an issue that would display borked artwork while listening to videos / abnormally sized album covers.
  • Artwork: Improved themeing engine performance.
  • Artwork: Improved reliability of artwork themeing.
  • Background: Finalized important facets of the background views.
  • Settings: Added an 'informative' popup to suggest where to go when you have no themes.
  • New: Developers can now create blurred artwork backgrounds!
  • Build: Compiled in support for A12 devices.
  • Build: Initial release, compatible with iOS 11+!

Release Date: Apr 5, 2019